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Insurance Services


Certified Packers and Movers offers a wide range of services for packing and moving with Moving Insurance Services. As the most reputed and responsible Packers and Movers Company, we ensure that clients feel relieved after handing over their goods to us. For that, the Packers and Movers Insurance services are introduced for the transportation of goods. We assist our clients through the entire process of paperwork related to insurance services as every client wants to get assured that their goods are in safe hands and they will reach their destination safely and timely. We ensure that if any unavoidable incident happens, then our clients do not have to bear the losses.


Certified Packers and Movers understand that damage to the goods during shifting is a serious matter to handle. That is why our Packers and Movers Insurance documents cover all the information and terms and conditions in detail, duly signed by both the client and representative of the company. There are two main types of Packers and Movers Insurance available. Any Relocation Company India provides these two specific kinds of insurance to clients for long-distance shifting services. They are:

        1. Transit Insurance

       2. Comprehensive Insurance or All-inclusive Insurance

Transit Insurance

Transit insurance or transportation insurance is a kind of policy that includes terms and conditions for the secured transportation of goods. It covers the risks of loss or damage to the goods that may happen while transporting personal belongings. It is a kind of Transport Packers and Movers agreement that states that if any loss or damage happens during the transportation of the goods then the packing company has to pay the total amount based on the values of all the goods. Certified Packers and Movers offers customized transit insurance based on the needs of different clients.

Key features

        • Can Be Customized

        • Cost Effective

        • Systematic Executive

Another aspect of transit insurance is that several items cannot be insured in a transit insurance policy. They are:

        • Cash

        • Jewelry

        • Medications

        • Fine Art materials

        • Documents

        • Glassware

        • Antiques

        • Perishable items

If you possess any of these above-mentioned items then it is better that you handle all of these items on your own. You should pack and carry these items on your own to avoid any damage.

Comprehensive Insurance

According to the latest development in the insurance policy, we have introduced a Comprehensive insurance service like Household Goods Insurance. It covers all the damages to the goods due to accidents, theft, or losses to a third party. Comprehensive Insurance is a policy of full coverage. Professionals in Certified Packers and Movers provide the best Comprehensive Insurance for extra security to your goods that are also budget-friendly.

Key features

        • Timely Execution

        • Cost-Effective 

        • We execute the process of Comprehensive Insurance in the most systematic manner

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    Certified Packers provide more than insurance and policies coverage services. We strive at providing the best transport insurance service in the transportation business.